Features List

Aspose.HTML is a headless browser, written in C#, which offers the following features: create, open existing, manipulate, navigate through and convert HTML, XHTML, SVG, EPUB, MHTML and Markdown documents into the various supported output formats such as: PDF, XPS, Markdown, JPG, PNG, etc. All the core modules are implemented according to the official HTML, CSS and JavaScript documentations, which leads to high quality parsing, conversion and manipulation results.

Aspose.HTML provides a rich set of features, related to many different areas:

Document Manipulation

Web Scraping

Although Aspose.HTML is not a web scraper by itself, but it can be used to collect information from the opened document:

  • Navigate through the HTML elements with the help of DOM API. Aspose.HTML implements Traversal interfaces which allows you to easily navigate through the DOM tree.
  • Collect information from the HTML documents, using high performance XPath queries . Aspose.HTML supports XPath 1.0 interfaces, defined in the official documentation .
  • Collect HTML elements, by executing CSS Selector queries . Aspose.HTML implements CSS Selectors API according to the lates documentation.


One of the main goals of Aspose.HTML - is to provide simple, highly customizable and precise converters.

Simplicity: Aspose.HTML API provides you the ability to convert HTML, XHTML, SVG, EPUB and MHTML to many different formats with just one line of code. Here is an example of HTML to PDF conversion:

 Aspose.Html.Converters.Converter.ConvertHTML(@"<span>Hello World!!</span>", ".", new Aspose.Html.Saving.PdfSaveOptions(), "output.pdf");

–°ustomizability: With Aspose.HTML you will be able to fine-tune many aspects of the conversion process. Many other products will allow you to setup page size or image resolution, but with Aspose.HTML you will be able to customize processing of external resources , or specify custom style sheet for your document and much more.

Precision: All the components of Aspose.HTML assembly are designed according to the official HTML and SVG documentations. Which leads to high precision conversion results.

Aspose.HTML implements many converters, which can be split into three groups:

  1. Fixed layout converters. These converters are responsible for conversion of HTML, XHTML, SVG, EPUB and MHTML to PDF, XPS and raster image formats (PNG, JPG, BMP).
  2. Markdown converters. These converters are responsible for conversion of Markdown to HTML and HTML to Markdown .
  3. Template converter. Which is used to create HTML file from Template .

You can explore all the available converters on this page.

Built-in Formats

Real world HTML page - is a very complex set of formats, working together. That’s why development of high quality converter is such a complex task. Aspose.HTML includes implementations of all the HTML related formats:

Platform Independence

  • You can use Aspose.HTML for .NET to build any type of a 32-bit or 64-bit .NET application including ASP.NET, WCF, WinForms, .NET Core etc.
  • Aspose.HTML for .NET runs on both Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • Full support of all the .NET Framework versions starting from 2.0 and higher, including Client Profile versions.
  • Aspose.HTML provides you the .NET Standard 2.0 assembly, which can be used with frameworks that implement it, such as .NET Core 2.0.

Helpful Extensions

  • Form Editor - is an utility class, which allows you to easily edit and submit HTML forms. You can find usage examples and detailed description on this page .
  • Vendor Specific CSS - Aspose.HTML provides you its own CSS properties, which extend existing ones. As an example they can be used to add page numbers .