Merge PDF using C++

Merging pdf files is not an easy task, but very popular. You can use the Aspose.PDF for C++ library to combine PDF files into one document quickly and easily.

Merge PDF Files using C++

To concatenate two PDF files:

  1. Create two Document objects, each containing one of the input PDF files.
  2. Then call the PageCollection collection’s Add method for the Document object you want to add the other PDF file to.
  3. Add Page of second document to the first file.
  4. Finally, save the output PDF file using the Save method.

The following code snippet shows how to concatenate PDF files.

using namespace System;
using namespace Aspose::Pdf;
using namespace Aspose::Pdf::Text;
void MergingDocuments() {
    // String for path name
    String _dataDir("C:\\Samples\\");

    // String for input file name
    String pdfDocumentFileName1("Concat1.pdf");
    String pdfDocumentFileName2("Concat2.pdf");
    String outputFileName("ConcatenatePdfFiles.pdf");

    // Open document
    auto pdfDocument1 = MakeObject<Document>(_dataDir + pdfDocumentFileName1);
    auto pdfDocument2 = MakeObject<Document>(_dataDir + pdfDocumentFileName2);

    // Add pages of second document to the first

    // Save concatenated output file

Live Example

Aspose.PDF Merger is an online free web application that allows you to investigate how presentation merging functionality works.

Aspose.PDF Merger