Overview of Annotations

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The following table indicates the Annotation types that Aspose.PDF for C++ supported.

Annotation type Description Win32 Linux
Text Text annotation
Link Link annotations
FreeText (PDF 1.3) Free text annotation
Line (PDF 1.3) Line annotation
Square (PDF 1.3) Square annotation
Circle (PDF 1.3) Circle annotation
Polygon (PDF 1.5) Polygon annotation
PolyLine (PDF 1.5) Polyline annotation
Highlight (PDF 1.3) Highlight annotation
Underline (PDF 1.3) Underline annotation
Squiggly (PDF 1.4) Squiggly-underline annotation
StrikeOut (PDF 1.3) Strikeout annotation
Stamp (PDF 1.3) Rubber stamp annotation
Caret (PDF 1.5) Caret annotation
Ink (PDF 1.3) Ink annotation
Popup (PDF 1.3) Pop-up annotation
Sound (PDF 1.2) Sound annotation
Movie (PDF 1.2) Movie annotation
Widget (PDF 1.2) Widget annotation
Screen (PDF 1.5) Screen annotation
Watermark (PDF 1.6) Watermark annotation
Redact (PDF 1.7) Redact annotation