Working with Portfolio in PDF

How to Create a PDF Portfolio

Aspose.PDF allows creating PDF Portfolio documents using the Document class. Add a file into a Document.Collection object after getting it with the FileSpecification class. When the files have been added, use the Document class’ Save method to save the portfolio document.

The following example uses a Microsoft Excel File, a Word document and an image file to create a PDF Portfolio.

The code below results in the following portfolio.

A PDF Portfolio created with Aspose.PDF

A PDF Portfolio created with Aspose.PDF for C++

void WorkingWithAttachments::CreatePortfolio()
    String _dataDir("C:\\Samples\\");

    // Instantiate Document Object
    auto pdfDocument = MakeObject<Document>();

    // Instantiate document Collection object

    // Get Files to add to Portfolio
    auto excel = MakeObject<FileSpecification>(_dataDir + u"HelloWorld.xlsx");
    auto word = MakeObject<FileSpecification>(_dataDir + u"HelloWorld.docx");
    auto image = MakeObject<FileSpecification>(_dataDir + u"sample.jpg");

    // Provide description of the files
    excel->set_Description(u"Excel File");
    word->set_Description(u"Word File");
    image->set_Description(u"Image File");

    // Add files to document collection

    // Save Portfolio document
    pdfDocument->Save(_dataDir + u"PDFPortfolio.pdf");

Extract files from PDF Portfolio

PDF Portfolios allow you to bring together content from a variety of sources (for example, PDF, Word, Excel, JPEG files) into one unified container. The original files retain their individual identities but are assembled into a PDF Portfolio file. Users can open, read, edit, and format each component file independently of the other component files.

Aspose.PDF allows the creation of PDF Portfolio documents using Document class. It also offers the capability to extract files from PDF portfolio.

The following code snippet shows you the steps to extract files from PDF portfolio.

void WorkingWithAttachments::ExtractPortfolio()
    String _dataDir("C:\\Samples\\");
    // Open a document
    auto pdfDocument = MakeObject <Document>(_dataDir + u"PDFPortfolio.pdf");
    // Get collection of embedded files
    auto embeddedFiles = pdfDocument->get_EmbeddedFiles();

    // Iterate through individual file of Portfolio
    for (auto fileSpecification : embeddedFiles) {
    auto initialStream = fileSpecification->get_Contents();
    auto fileContent = MakeArray<uint8_t>(fileSpecification->get_Contents()->get_Length());
    fileSpecification->get_Contents()->Read(fileContent, 0, fileContent->get_Length());
    auto filename = System::IO::Path::GetFileName(fileSpecification->get_Name());
    // Save the extracted file to some location
    auto fileStream = System::IO::File::OpenWrite(_dataDir + u"_out_" + filename);
    fileStream->Write(fileContent, 0, fileContent->get_Length());
    // Close the stream object

Extract files from PDF Portfolio

Remove Files from PDF Portfolio

In order to delete/remove files from PDF portfolio, try using the following code lines.

void WorkingWithAttachments::RemoveFilesFromPDFPortfolio()
    String _dataDir("C:\\Samples\\");
    // Load source PDF Portfolio
    auto pdfDocument = MakeObject<Document>(_dataDir + u"PDFPortfolio.pdf");
    pdfDocument->Save(_dataDir + u"No_PortFolio_out.pdf");