Setting Margins

Setting Margins

Aspose.Cells provides a class, Workbook, that represents an Excel file. The Workbook class contains the Worksheets collection that allows access to each worksheet in the Excel file. A worksheet is represented by the Worksheet class.

The Worksheet class provides the PageSetup property used to set the page setup options for a worksheet. The PageSetup attribute is an object of the PageSetup class that enables developers to set different page layout options for a printed worksheet. The PageSetup class provides various properties and methods used to set page setup options.

Page Margins

Set page margins (left, right, top, bottom) using PageSetup class members. A few of the methods are listed below which are used to specify page margins:

Center on Page

It is possible to center something on a page horizontally and vertically. For this, there are some useful members of the PageSetup class, CenterHorizontally and CenterVertically.

Set header and footer margins with the PageSetup class members such as HeaderMargin and FooterMargin.