Your First Aspose.Cells Application - Hello World

How to Create the Hello World Application

The steps below creates the Hello World application using the Aspose.Cells API:

  1. Create an instance of the Workbook class.
  2. If you have a license, then apply it. If you are using the evaluation version, skip the license related code lines.
  3. Create a new Excel file, or open an existing Excel file.
  4. Access any desired cell of a worksheet in the Excel file.
  5. Insert the words Hello World! into a cell accessed.
  6. Generate the modified Microsoft Excel file.

The implementation of the above steps is demonstrated in the examples below.

How to Create a New Workbook

The following example creates a new workbook from the scratch, writes Hello World! into cell A1 on the first worksheet and saves the Excel file.

How to Open an Existing File

The following example opens an existing Microsoft Excel template file named “Sample.xlsx”, inputs “Hello World!” text into the A1 cell in the first worksheet and saves the workbook.