Adding Report Parameters to Report

Adding a Report Parameter

To add report parameters to reports:

  1. Select a cell.

    Selecting a cell


  1. Click Insert formula on the Aspose.Cells.Report.Designer toolbar (



  1. Select Parameters from the Parameters panel to the left. All the parameters are listed in the right panel.

  2. Select a parameter, in the example, we’ve selected EmpID.

  3. Double-click the parameter to make the expression appear in the editor at the top of the form. A parameter has two data attributes: label and value (the default attribute is value).

    Selecting a parameter


  1. In the sample, the parameter’s label should be shown in the report, so modify the expression to Parameters!EmpID.Label.

    Modifying the parameter


  1. Click OK. The selected cell contains a report parameters marker.

    A report parameter inserted into the cell