System Requirements – Aspose.HTML for .NET

Required software

Aspose.HTML for .NET doesn’t require any additional software when using .NET Framework to open, analyze, created or convert HTML, XHTML, SVG, MHTML, Markdown and EPUB files.

Supported Operating Systems


In order to use Aspose.HTML for .NET on Linux or macOS you will need to install .NET Core 2.1 or later.

.NET Core 2.1 is supported on the following distributions/versions:



Based on your Linux distribution or macOS version and the fact that Aspose.HTML for .NET uses the System.Drawing.Common assembly, you may need to install additional dependencies. The list of all the supported distributions and additional dependencies can be found here for Linux and here for macOS.

Supported Frameworks

Aspose.HTML for .NET provides assemblies compiled for the following frameworks:

.NET Standard
.NET Standard 2.0

Therefore it is compatible with:

.NET Framework.NET Standard.NET Core.NET
.NET Framework 4.6.1.NET Standard 2.0.NET Core 2.0.NET 5.0
.NET Framework 4.6.2.NET Standard 2.1.NET Core 2.1
.NET Framework 4.6.3.NET Core 2.2
.NET Framework 4.7.NET Core 3.0
.NET Framework 4.7.1.NET Core 3.1
.NET Framework 4.7.2
.NET Framework 4.8
.NET Framework 4.8.1

Due to the fact that some of the Microsoft libraries used by Aspose.HTML for .NET no longer support legacy frameworks, an error will be thrown when trying to compile using them. You can remove it in the following ways:

If you hide this error, then some functions of the library may not work correctly.

Development Environments

You can use Aspose.HTML for .NET to develop applications in any development environment that targets the .NET platform, but the following environments are explicitly supported:

Trust Level

Generally, all Aspose .NET components require Full Trust permissions set. The reason is, Aspose .NET components need to access registry settings, system files, other than virtual directory, for certain operations, like reading fonts etc. Moreover, Aspose .NET components (including Aspose.HTML for .NET) are based on core .NET system classes, that also require Full Trust permissions set in many cases.

Internet Service Providers, hosting multiple applications from different companies, mostly enforce a Medium Trust security level. Such a security level may set the following constraints, which could affect the ability of Aspose.HTML for .NET to perform properly:

Due to the reasons, specified above, it is recommended, that Aspose.HTML for .NET is run on servers granting Full Trust permissions.

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