Search and Get Images from PDF Document using C++

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The ImagePlacementAbsorber allows you to search among images on all pages in a PDF document.

To search a whole document for images:

  1. Call the Pages collection’s Accept method. The Accept method takes an ImagePlacementAbsorber object as a parameter. This returns a collection of ImagePlacement objects.
  2. Loop through the ImagePlacements objects and get their properties (Image, dimensions, resolution and so on).

The following code snippet shows how to search a document for all its images.

using namespace System;
using namespace Aspose::Pdf;
using namespace Aspose::Pdf::Text;

void SearchAndGetImagesFromPDFDocument() {

    String _dataDir("C:\\Samples\\");

    // Open document
    auto document = MakeObject<Document>(_dataDir + u"SearchAndGetImages.pdf");

    // Create ImagePlacementAbsorber object to perform image placement search
    auto abs = MakeObject<ImagePlacementAbsorber>();

    // Accept the absorber for all the pages

    // Loop through all ImagePlacements, get image and ImagePlacement Properties
    for(auto imagePlacement : abs->get_ImagePlacements())
        // Get the image using ImagePlacement object
        auto image = imagePlacement->get_Image();

        // Display image placement properties for all placements
        Console::WriteLine(u"image width: {0}", imagePlacement->get_Rectangle()->get_Width());
        Console::WriteLine(u"image height:{0}", imagePlacement->get_Rectangle()->get_Height());
        Console::WriteLine(u"image LLX:{0}", imagePlacement->get_Rectangle()->get_LLX());
        Console::WriteLine(u"image LLY:{0}", imagePlacement->get_Rectangle()->get_LLY());
        Console::WriteLine(u"image horizontal resolution:{0}", imagePlacement->get_Resolution()->get_X());
        Console::WriteLine(u"image vertical resolution:{0}", imagePlacement->get_Resolution()->get_Y());