Detect Hyperlink Type

An Excel file can have different types of hyperlinks like external, cell reference, file path, etc. Aspose.Cells supports the feature to detect the type of hyperlink. The types of hyperlinks are represented by the TargetModeType Enumeration. The TargetModeType Enumeration has the following members.

  • External: External link
  • FilePath: Local and full path to files\folders.
  • Email: Email
  • CellReference: Link to cell or named range.

To check the type of hyperlink, the Hyperlink class provides a LinkType property with a return type of TargetModeType. The following code snippet demonstrates the use of the LinkType property by using this source excel file.

Source Code

The following is the output generated by the code snippet given above.

Console Output

LinkTypes.xlsx: FilePath </br>
C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe: FilePath </br>
C:\Program Files\Common Files: FilePath </br>
'Test Sheet'!B2: CellReference </br>
FullPathExample: CellReference </br> : External </br> Email </br>