Using ChartGlobalizationSettings Class to Set Different Language for Chart Component

Possible Usage Scenarios

Aspose.Cells APIs have exposed the ChartGlobalizationSettings class in order to deal with the scenarios where the user wishes to set chart component to different language. custom labels for Subtotals in a spreadsheet.

Introduction to ChartGlobalizationSettings Class

The ChartGlobalizationSettings class currently offers the following 8 methods which can be overridden in a custom class to translate such as AxisTitle name,AxisUnit name,ChartTitle name and so on to different language.

  1. GetAxisTitleName: Gets the name of Title for Axis.
  2. GetAxisUnitName: Gets the Name of Axis Unit.
  3. GetChartTitleName: Gets the name of Chart Title.
  4. GetLegendDecreaseName: Gets the name of Decrease for Legend.
  5. GetLegendIncreaseName: Gets the name of increase for Legend.
  6. GetLegendTotalName: Gets the name of Total for Legend.
  7. GetOtherName: Gets the name of “Other” labels for Chart.
  8. GetSeriesName: Gets the name of Series in the Chart.

Custom language translation

Here, we will create a waterfall chart based on the following data. The names of chart components will be displayed in English in the chart. We will use a Turkish language example to show how to display the Chart Title, Legend Increase/Decrease names, Total name, and Axis Title in Turkish.


Sample Code

The following sample code loads the sample Excel file.

Output generated by the sample code

This is the console output of the above sample code.

Workbook chart title: Grafik Başlığı

Workbook chart legend: Artış

Workbook chart legend: Düşüş

Workbook chart legend: Toplam

Workbook category axis tile: Eksen Başlığı